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birthratebirth‧rate /ˈbɜːθreɪt $ ˈbɜːrθ-/ noun [countable]  SSthe number of births for every 100 or every 1,000 people in a particular year in a particular place the rising birthrate
Examples from the Corpus
birthrateIn California, the average birthrate was just slightly above the national pace.Shrinking numbers Falling birthrates and statistical ambiguities aside, there has none the less been a major exodus.Even if birthrates decline it will be necessary to generate millions more jobs, more schoolrooms, more acres of agriculture.But with no corresponding drop in birthrates the population line was propelled into the demographic stratosphere.It was a time when teen birthrates soared.Each extra year of school also reduces the birthrate and cuts maternal deaths.The birthrate could only just keep pace.
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