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birthrightbirth‧right /ˈbɜːθraɪt $ ˈbɜːrθ-/ noun [countable usually singular]  PPPPGCsomething such as a right, property, money etc that you believe you should have because of the family or country you belong to Freedom of speech is every American’s birthright.
Examples from the Corpus
birthrightThey have, almost as a birthright, a restless dissatisfaction with the status quo.By way of contrast, natural resource industries were essentially a birthright.It is not a mere matter of citizenship; it is a birthright and a shared inheritance.His settlement he regarded as his birthright or his freehold.It could suggest Jacob's willingness to hand Esau back his birthright.Years later, Cloud became a hermit, declining his birthright as king.As yet, there is only speculation that Charles will relinquish his birthright.They picked rulers on the basis of achievement, not birthright.She seemed to regard an easy, comfortable life as some kind of birthright.The President ended his speech by saying "Dignity and self-respect are the birthright of every American citizen."
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