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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbloodlessblood‧less /ˈblʌdləs/ adjective  1 VIOLENTwithout killing or violence a bloodless coup2 BRIGHTa bloodless part of your body is very pale His lips were thin and bloodless.3 EMOTIONALlacking in human feelingbloodlessly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
bloodlessShe was bloodless and the bones of her face had risen up against the fabric of her skin.But he also wanted the battle to be as bloodless as possible.It was soon discovered, by conversation, that it was a bloodless battle.In such a revolution, even if it is bloodless, complete justice can never be attained.The nails had dug deeply into the palms, leaving bloodless, crescent-shaped depressions behind.a bloodless invasionI scratch my face to feel a bloodless mound.But other days are bleak; a cold, bloodless woman hovers nearby sneering derisively at me.
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