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bondingbond‧ing /ˈbɒndɪŋ $ ˈbɑːn-/ noun [uncountable]  1 RELATIONSHIPa process in which a special relationship develops between two or more peoplebonding between the bonding between mare and foal2 male/female bonding3 HC technical the connection of atoms or of two surfaces that are glued together chemical bonding
Examples from the Corpus
bondingThe relationship between bonding and properties was discussed in chapter 2.As well as W.'s views and her vulnerability there is the fact that there is a quasi-family bonding where she is.The transient nature of the binding may be because this sequence is recognized on account of its structure without additional hydrogen bonding contacts.Difficult experiences, such as a death in the family, often result in bonding.A whole series of male clubs sprang up which emphasised the elements of male bonding.There was real bonding going on.A recent explanation is that the stripes are a mechanism for visual bonding.Section 22 of the 1979 Estate Agents Act dealing with bonding, licensing and standards of competency has not been brought in.
From Longman Business Dictionarybondingbond‧ing /ˈbɒndɪŋˈbɑːn-/ noun [uncountable]COMMERCETAXTRANSPORT the practice of keeping goods that have been imported in a special building and officially promising to pay the import tax when it is duea $100 auction-licensing fee and $80 a month to cover bonding
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