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bone dry

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbone dryˌbone ˈdry adjective  DRYcompletely dry There had been no rain for months and the land was bone dry.
Examples from the Corpus
bone dryBoth of his knees are bone dry.The precise timing varies from year to year and place to place, but the winter and spring are generally bone dry.The Red River Valley soil is bone dry after three years of drought.This makes the ground bone dry and the marks of the ancient habitation easy to spot from an aircraft.My feet were still bone dry at the end of the second day.Afterwards dry if necessary with a bone dry cloth to ensure that there are no drips.If you reduce the humidity so the walls are bone dry, then the apartment will be too dry.Though bone dry, they shone in an evening sun that dazzled us, as we linked up the infrequent holds.
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