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bovinebo‧vine /ˈbəʊvaɪn $ ˈboʊ-/ adjective  1 HBA technical relating to cows bovine diseases2 STUPID/NOT INTELLIGENT written slow and slightly stupid, like a cow – used to show disapproval a bovine expression of contentment
Examples from the Corpus
bovineQuality in Veal and Calf Veal and calf are two classifications of young bovine animals.Although how they can tell bovine gallstones from, say, the human variety is nobody's business.The bovine heroine has connections with Cowpeace International, and deals with a huge treacle slick at sea.The characteristic lesion is similar in both horses and donkeys and is somewhat different from bovine parasitic bronchitis.The woman smiled at us in a bovine sort of way.They gazed in bovine surprise at the scarlet-faced visitor, and for one frightful moment Breeze felt that she must flee.
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