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breathing space

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishbreathing spaceˈbreathing ˌspace (also breathing room) noun [uncountable]  1 PAUSEa short time when you have a rest from doing something before starting again This deal should give the company some extra breathing room before its loans are due.2 enough room to move or breathe easily and comfortably in
Examples from the Corpus
breathing spaceFortunately the Tories have bought a breathing space in which to sort out their policies.This creates a breathing space between inner clothes and the waterproof outer skin; important when only thermals are being worn underneath.By holding off on both at least until next year, Clerides has created some diplomatic breathing space.He managed to create enough breathing space in the snow to survive until he could be rescued.But four minutes from the finish Elwood's second drop goal offered Ireland some much need breathing space.We finally realised that we could avoid even that embarrassment by giving ourselves breathing space.But dentists in the NorthEast said the delay had only given the profession a short breathing space.And the political culture is one that provides government with the breathing space necessary to address itself to those problems.Were they given this breathing space it would give them a chance to be less edgy about Olwyn.
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