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carbon monoxide

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carbon monoxideˌcarbon moˈnoxide noun [uncountable]  HCCa poisonous gas produced when carbon, especially in petrol, burns in a small amount of air
Examples from the Corpus
carbon monoxideThe high-temperature electrolysis scheme that we explored in connection with a lunar base can separate carbon dioxide into oxygen and carbon monoxide.The standard requires detectors to sound before carbon monoxide levels exceed 100 parts per million for 90 minutes.Catalysts convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, which is less toxic, but equally polluting to the environment.The inquest was told that Mr Jeffrey, who was from Stroud, had died from carbon monoxide poisoning.The products of coal gasification include carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, methane and nitrogen.The platinum catalyses the reaction of carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons with air to give carbon dioxide and water vapour.This surface reaction of oxygen and carbon releases carbon monoxide which migrates outward and upon encountering oxygen burns to carbon dioxide.The water vapor can then be cycled by reacting it with carbon monoxide to make carbon dioxide and hydrogen.
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