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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcash-in-handˌcash-in-ˈhand adjective  MONEYa cash-in-hand payment is made in the form of notes and coins so that there is no record of the payment
Examples from the Corpus
cash-in-handTo the surprise of many, and regardless of the approaching Easter weekend, a string of real-life cash-in-hand buyers appeared.What if the dealer had a cash-in-hand offer from some one else and went back on his word?
From Longman Business Dictionarycash in handˌcash in ˈhand1 noun [uncountable]ACCOUNTING1the amount of money in the form of cash that a company has after it has paid all its costsWe have a sound balance sheet, no borrowings and net cash in hand of £23 million.2written at the top of the assets side of a BALANCE SHEET to show the amount of money held by a company in the form of notes and coins compare cash at bankcash in handcash in hand2 adjective, adverbCOMMERCE if someone is paid cash in hand, they are paid in notes and coins so there is no written record of the paymentOne dealer had been taking his commission payments cash in hand.
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