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catacombcat‧a‧comb /ˈkætəkuːm $ -koʊm/ noun [countable usually plural]  MXan area underground where dead people are buried syn tomb
Examples from the Corpus
catacombHe turned back down the corridor, which was now as dark as a catacomb.In its layout the interior resembled black catacombs.A thing of wonder, they stretch to the skies, and can seem for a time great catacombs of effort.A real den of iniquity it's divided up into several little catacombs.They sat on the floor of the pigsty catacomb, praying.Frankly, I was stunned when I saw myself like a kewpie doll from the catacombs.He walked through the night city like a man seeking a resting place in the catacombs.The Isolation Plant is an immense underground catacomb of storage cells.
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