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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishceaselesscease‧less /ˈsiːsləs/ adjective  LONG TIMEhappening for a long time without stopping the ceaseless fight against crimeceaselessly adverb The men worked ceaselessly through the night.
Examples from the Corpus
ceaselessThe only man who had ever wholly captured her imagination in a lifetime of meetings and travel and ceaseless activity.the ceaseless Arctic windThe ceaseless deluge had turned the small front yard of the cottage into a swamp.Critics had the opportunity to write poetically of the ceaseless, easy flow of rivers and this one in particular.It is constant and ceaseless in the vast majority of us, as uncritical self-observation will soon reveal.His hands windmill in a frenetic semaphore and his body shifts in ceaseless motion, with a life of its own.Why can't people understand what a fantastic achievement two-and-a-half years of ceasefire has been, given the ceaseless provocation?He lay there, frozen as a mullet, listening to the ceaseless roar of the wind.There are volcanoes and fault lines and a ceaseless tremor of activity.
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