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cedarce‧dar /ˈsiːdə $ -ər/ noun  1 [countable]HBP a large evergreen tree with leaves shaped like needles2 (also cedarwood) [uncountable]TIHBP the hard red wood of the cedar tree, which smells pleasant
Examples from the Corpus
cedarAround the last bend was another stand of forest, cedar and pine.It sits amid wide lawns and giant cedar trees high above the eastern banks of the wide and winding River Dart.These were the conifers - pines, larches, cedars, firs and their relations.Octagonal in shape, the framework is made from western red cedar and is available with single or double glazing throughout.He was barely inside his own grounds before Nora urged Fontana out from behind the cedar.Researchers do not now believe that the dying of the cedars is caused by a biotic agent.He entered the room where the wheelchair stood folded at the back of the tiny cedar closet.If you can get it, use cedar.
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