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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcentredcen‧tred British English, centered American English /ˈsentəd $ -ərd/ adjective  1 (also -centred) [only after noun] having a particular person or group as the most important part or focus of something a student-centred approach family-centered care2 feeling calm and in control of your life and feelings Julia seems very centred nowadays.
Examples from the Corpus
centredBut it is to the west of the Sike on the same contour that most interest is centred.The broader patient centred aims of the information technology strategy are to be welcomed.For these data we need a 5-quarter centred moving average so that the smoothed values coincide with quarters.If centring is to be used for main headings, then sub-headings may be either centred or blocked.Just as with word processing type can be set flush with the left-hand margin, centred or justified.These are task centred work and crisis intervention.
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