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ceramicsce‧ram‧ics /səˈræmɪks/ ●○○ noun  1 [uncountable]AV the art of making pots, bowls, tiles etc, by shaping pieces of clay and baking them until they are hard2 [plural]TIP things that are made this way an exhibition of ceramicsceramic adjective ceramic tilesGRAMMAR: Singular or plural verb?In meaning 1, ceramics is followed by a singular verb: Ceramics is an ancient art.In meaning 2, ceramics is followed by a plural verb: These Portuguese ceramics are beautiful.
Examples from the Corpus
ceramicsGlasses and ceramics extracted from the regolith may be used as structural materials, paving blocks, or windows.Use the shelves to display ceramics, glass or trailing plants.Glass ceramics are just one example of Schott's development work.Her ceramics are sought after at craft fairs in Northallerton, Harrogate and York.The rainbow mobile cast into the corner is a complication of ceramics and fishing line.an exhibit of ceramics at the crafts museumOne will make and analyse new kinds of polymers, ceramics and alloys.Applications include materials analysis in thin film, thick film, insulators, semiconductors, ceramics, metals and alloys.
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