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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishceremonycer‧e‧mo‧ny /ˈserəməni $ -moʊni/ ●●● S3 W2 noun (plural ceremonies)  1 [countable]TRADITION an important social or religious event, when a traditional set of actions is performed in a formal wayceremonial a wedding ceremony the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games2 [uncountable]TRADITION the special actions and formal words traditionally used on particular occasions The queen was crowned with due ceremony.3 without ceremony not stand on ceremony at stand1(42)COLLOCATIONSverbshold a ceremonyA ceremony was held in Berlin to mark the occasion.attend a ceremonyI attended the ceremony at the cathedral.be present at a ceremonyThe French ambassador was present at the ceremony.perform/conduct a ceremonyThe Bishop of Louisiana performed the ceremony.a ceremony takes placeThe ceremony took place on 13th June at 2.30.a ceremony marks somethinga ceremony marking the beginning of adulthoodADJECTIVES/NOUN + ceremonya religious ceremonyDid you have a religious ceremony when you got married?a wedding/marriage ceremonyIt was a beautiful wedding ceremony.a civil ceremony (=a wedding ceremony that is not a religious one)They married in a registrar's office, in a civil ceremony.a special ceremonyThe winners will receive their awards at a special ceremony in London.a short/brief ceremonyHe became acting president in a brief ceremony yesterday.a simple ceremonyThe gymnasium was opened in a simple ceremony on 26th May.a grand/elaborate ceremonyThe inhabitants of the town organized a grand ceremony to mark the occasion.a solemn ceremony (=a very serious one)There was a solemn ceremony in an ancient Roman church.a traditional ceremonyThe tribe still practise many of their traditional ceremonies.an opening/closing ceremony (=at the beginning or end of a special event)I stayed for the closing ceremony.an unveiling ceremony (=to show the public something new, for example a work of art)He attended the statue's unveiling ceremony.an awards ceremony (=to give people prizes for good achievements)the annual television awards ceremonya prize-giving ceremony (=to give people prizes for good achievements at school or college)A prize-giving ceremony will take place tomorrow night at the university.a graduation ceremony (=when you get your university degree)His proud parents attended his graduation ceremony.an inauguration ceremony (=when someone becomes president, chancellor etc)It was the nation's 53rd inauguration ceremony.a swearing-in ceremony (=in which someone starting a public job promises to do it well)the presidential swearing-in ceremonya coronation ceremony (=in which someone becomes the new king or queen)Queen Elizabeth's coronation ceremony took place in 1953.a funeral ceremonyFuneral ceremonies have been held since ancient times.an initiation ceremony (=in which someone officially becomes an adult, a member of a group etc)tribal initiation ceremoniesa naming ceremony (=to name a baby, without a religious service)Many people opt for a naming ceremony rather than a christening.the tea ceremony (=a traditional ceremony in Japan for preparing and serving tea)It is Japan's leading school for teaching the tea ceremony.
Examples from the Corpus
ceremonyA ceremony is held every year to remember those who died in the war.The Senator's problems overshadowed all the pomp and ceremony of the opening of the 105th Congress.I wished him farewell and left without further ceremony.The televised Grammy ceremony takes place Wednesday.Metro stations were temporarily jammed after the inaugural ceremony and toward the end of the parade.Many ceremonies for both males and females are privately conducted, often at the most in the company of a ruwang.It is a taboo subject, and the marriage ceremonies are performed in secret.Over 2,000 people attended the official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games.Wickiups are used today by San Carlos Apache families during the rite-of-passage ceremony for girls.The Rams had five fumbles Sunday, not counting coach Rich Brooks' handling of the quarterback torch-passing ceremony.Meanwhile the grown-ups are joining in ancient tea ceremonies, and taking part in Sumo wrestling.After the wedding ceremony we went to a reception at the bride's parents' house.The wedding ceremony was held in the county park.
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