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city council

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcity councilˌcity ˈcouncil noun [countable]  the group of elected officials who are responsible for governing a city
Examples from the Corpus
city councilThe measure, which becomes law Jan. 1, no longer allows a city council to unilaterally veto a secession proposal.In simultaneous elections to Bangkok city council, Chamlong's Palang Dharma party captured 50 out of 57 contested seats.When I met him, he was a member of the Sao Paulo city council.Because the city council has this information, it no longer votes on line items: it votes on service levels.In simultaneous elections to the Vienna city council, it also captured 28 percent of the vote, a record.Councils will be given the power to operate fixed penalty schemes like that operated by Westminster city council.
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