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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclean-cutˌclean-ˈcut adjective  TIDYsomeone who is clean-cut looks neat and clean, and appears to have a good moral character clean-cut college boys
Examples from the Corpus
clean-cutWhere Clinton was rugged and earthy, Gore is clean-cut and preppy.There is, however, a smattering of clean-cut dentists, engineers and teachers thrown in.There are square miles of shifting, sinking sand where the normally clean-cut edge between sea and land has become blurred.Women are more attracted to men with clean-cut good looks than their hairier counterparts.The first impression is of a clean-cut man, graciously mannered, immaculately turned out.a handsome, clean-cut manColumbus is played by unknown George Corraface, a handsome young thing in the time-honoured, clean-cut movie mould.Those dealing with heart disease have looked for such clean-cut results in vain.In the Club section was a tall and clean-cut young man who had made the flight after connecting from Houston.
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