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clearing house

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clearing houseˈclearing house noun [countable]  1 BFBa central office where banks exchange cheques and other financial documents2 an office that receives and gives out or sells information or goods for several other organizations
Examples from the Corpus
clearing houseOverburdened by commitments elsewhere, Unesco can only act as a clearing house for independently sponsored initiatives.Arrangements will include a clearing house to help match staff with vacancies and special provisions for retraining.Thus, it is nothing more than a clearing house which does nothing in its own right.How efficient the place was - a model clearing house for death, turning out its yearly quota of corpses.Because the clearing house is the counterparty to every transaction, it is also involved in the delivery process.The short informs the clearing house of these arrangements.Every day the two banks take the bundles of each other's cheques along to the clearing house and exchange them.The clearing house holds accounts for all the clearing members of the exchange.
From Longman Business Dictionaryclearing houseˈclearing ˌhouseBANKINGORGANIZATIONS an organization that makes payments between banks and other financial institutions that trade regularly with each otherBanks’ and brokers’ back offices are linked to a central clearing house in a single computer network. house