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cleavagecleav‧age /ˈkliːvɪdʒ/ noun [countable, uncountable]  1 HBHthe space between a woman’s breasts2 formalDIFFERENT a difference between two people or things that often causes problems or arguments
Examples from the Corpus
cleavageShe also fills out to proportions not unlike a Barbie doll, and in the party scene shows major cleavage.It is a puzzle why there should be two main classes of cleavage patterns - radial and spiral.But the kind of cleavage we are most interested in is that which occurs in systemically mixed systems.Each reaction was performed in the presence of 200µM CoCl 2 to prevent cleavage by the antibiotic.As dissolution proceeds, a honeycomb texture may result, particularly where a mineral has near rectilinear cleavages.In molluscs, the direction of coiling of the shell corresponds with the spiral arrangement of the cleavage.I am referring to the cleavage between the country's rulers and the population.The differences among the accounts become most apparent when one considers the manner in which the cleavage between sky and earth occurred.Q: How much toe cleavage do you think is appropriate for a 20-something professional to show?
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