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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishclose-knitclose-knit /ˌkləʊs ˈnɪt◂ $ ˌkloʊs-/ (also closely-knit) adjective  FRIENDLYa close-knit group of people is one in which everyone knows each other well and gives each other support when they need it a close-knit community
Examples from the Corpus
close-knitVarious versions have been related by the locals of this close-knit and defensive community.The emphasis was on self-reliance, with the children free to work out their own solutions without a close-knit family environment.New York is now home to Kissin and his close-knit family, which includes his first and only teacher, Anna Kantor.Jess is a quiet, intense kid from a large, close-knit farm family in Washington.The areas where neighbours would keep an eye on things were Wester Ross and Speyside, both close-knit farming communities.This might be because Dickens is trying to tell us that society should be close-knit one and not isolated into different units.a close-knit teamWe have a talented, close-knit team.close-knit communityIt's also the first time that outsiders have been allowed into their close-knit community.Probably, in a close-knit community the negative response of this family has influenced the uptake of the test.It was a close-knit community with no ambition to expand its interests and activities.
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