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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcoldnesscold‧ness /ˈkəʊldnəs $ ˈkoʊld-/ noun [uncountable]  1 when someone is unfriendly and does not show any warm feelings opp warmth There was a certain coldness about him.2 the state of being coldwarmthcoldness of the icy coldness of the water
Examples from the Corpus
coldnessThe major saw a coldness in the old man's face.I wake with tears streaking my cheeks and determined not to hurt Joe any more by my remoteness and coldness.He moved in and felt a fresh - no, a dank - coldness creeping under his skin.These she could deal with, not this deadly coldness exhibited by Alice.I have not often coldness with you, sweet heart; yet I often feel that you teach me to love you.As he withdrew his hand he felt the coldness of the knife and corkscrew against his flesh.She recognized the coldness inside her as also present inside the Doctor.She was afraid Nick might treat her with coldness and pretend he had forgotten who she was.
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