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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommunicativecom‧mu‧ni‧ca‧tive /kəˈmjuːnəkətɪv $ -keɪtɪv/ AWL adjective  1 TALK TO somebodyable to talk easily to other people Tom wasn’t very communicative, and kept himself to himself.2 EXPRESSrelating to the ability to communicate, especially in a foreign language students’ communicative skills
Examples from the Corpus
communicativeCustomers complained that the sales clerks were not very communicative.This versatile book combines communicative activities with information on topics as varied as national customs, food, and the generation gap.Let them see that you are a communicative and responsive leader who listens to what they have to say.Thus, it is not necessary to recognize any communicative intention for these acts to succeed.One of the most interesting facts about communicative intentions is that they are intended to be recognized.What is the connection between sounds and communicative intentions that makes communication in all its forms possible?It aims to put grammar in a context they can identify with, and includes communicative oral and written practice of structures.It provides students with the language and communicative skills they will need in their professional lives.The test evaluates students' communicative skills.
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