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communioncom‧mu‧nion /kəˈmjuːnjən/ ●○○ noun  1 Communion2 [uncountable] formalRELATIONSHIP a special relationship with someone or something which makes you feel that you understand them very wellcommunion with Prayer is a form of communion with God.3 [countable] formalRR a group of people or organizations that share the same religious beliefs syn denomination He belongs to the Anglican communion.
Examples from the Corpus
communionFar from being vacuous storytelling, myth in its true sense is a communion with the deepest truths of existence.He would be taking Christmas communion to the sick.They are harder still to interpret: what does a large attendance at Easter communion imply?True, they are playing with great danger, but they may never really experience communion with the evil force behind astrology.In time, the self-denying monks gathered for worship and the sacrament of communion.The Empress was crowned, and then the Emperor and Empress entered the cathedral to take communion.George Gaynor sat down on the top step leading to the communion rail.She decided not to go to communion.
CommunionCommunion[uncountable] (also Holy Communion)RRC the Christian ceremony in which people eat bread and drink wine as signs of Christ’s body and blood communion
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