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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcommuniquécom‧mu‧ni‧qué /kəˈmjuːnəkeɪ $ kəˌmjuːnəˈkeɪ/ noun [countable]  MESSAGEan official report or announcement A communiqué was issued by NATO Defence Ministers.
Examples from the Corpus
communiquéA military communiqué reported six soldiers killed.More unpredictable risks, the strategy communiqué said, arose from new instabilities.The final G7 communiqué referred to the conditions in which global interest rates would be cut, not raised.communiqué ... issuedA joint communiqué issued after the meetings was couched in general terms and did not refer to the cessation of hostilities.According to a communiqué issued after the talks, the areas for negotiation had been set.The communiqué issued afterwards, like the Bandung communiqué ten years later, was a general statement concerning the Rights of Man.
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