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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcomradecom‧rade /ˈkɒmrəd, -reɪd $ ˈkɑːmræd/ noun [countable]  1 formalFRIEND a friend, especially someone who shares difficult work or danger He misses his comrades from his days in the army.2 WORKERsocialists or communists often call each other ‘comrade’, especially in meetings Comrades, please support this motion.comradely adjective
Examples from the Corpus
comradeComrade Yanayev has arrived.For six months they had seen good comrades die unnecessarily; even their own generals had abandoned them.And the same tensions continued after 1975 as southern Communists balked at domination by their northern comrades.They belonged to every organization, social club, old comrades association, and church for miles around.We have even found ourselves teaching a little bit of linguistics, since some of the comrades seemed interested.Thirty-five of the Americans killed in the war were accidentally killed by their comrades.I have seen too many dead and wounded comrades to feel otherwise than that the government has not sustained this army.
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