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conventioncon‧ven‧tion /kənˈvenʃən/ ●●○ AWL noun  1 [countable]MEET a large formal meeting for people who belong to the same profession or organization or who have the same interests a teachers’ convention the city’s new convention center a convention for science fiction fans2 [countable]PGAGREE a formal agreement, especially between countries, about particular rules or behaviour syn pact, treatyconvention on the European convention on human rights3 [countable, uncountable]CONVENTIONALRULE/REGULATION behaviour and attitudes that most people in a society consider to be normal and right syn custom Playing together teaches children social conventions such as sharing. They defied the conventions of the time by living together without being married.by convention By convention, the bride’s father gives her away at her wedding.4 [countable]A a method or style often used in literature, art, the theatre etc to achieve a particular effect the conventions of the 19th-century novelCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 3: behaviour and attitudes that most people in a society consider to be normal and rightadjectivesa social/cultural conventionEach society has its own cultural conventions.an established convention (=one that has been used for a long time)There are established conventions for how you should end a letter.an accepted conventionSaying 'thank you' and 'please' is an accepted convention.verbsdefy convention (=not do what is accepted or normal)At the time she was defying convention by living with a man.follow convention (=do what is accepted and normal)If everyone followed convention, the world would be a boring place.conform to/adhere to convention formal (=do what is accepted and normal)He’d always chosen not to conform to convention.flout convention (=deliberately not do what is accepted or normal)I was determined to flout convention when it came to the funeral arrangements. phrasesa set of conventionsIn the East you will have to learn a different set of conventions.rules and conventionsRules and conventions permeate the whole of social life.
Examples from the Corpus
conventionLofgren told a convention of church activists that she wanted the money to be spend on local childrens' facilities.a convention for Star Trek fansan annual convention of the world bankFrom the get-go, Ullman serves notice that her show will not be driven by convention.For the next four years they defied convention by living as man and wife when they were not.The Senator's speech at the Democratic Convention was well received.the European convention on human rightsShe shocked her neighbours by ignoring every convention of respectable society.Italian neorealism breaks with film conventions of the past.The Reform Party will hold a national convention in August.It is a matter of convention that male business people usually wear suits.The difference is that the poststructuralists put themselves forth as heterodox prophets and turn out to be priests of convention.Indeed, within Renaissance convention, the two do not have the clear associations they do within Romantic conventions.the Republican ConventionSeveral hundred people are expected at the hotel next month for a huge sales convention.The handshake is a social convention.He is a flamboyant millionaire who ignores social conventions.Sand was a freethinker who refused to follow the conventions of her day.The water quality board cited the port in 1995 for excessive contaminants in the convention center operation.The relative calm before this convention is almost eerie.The labelling of the terminal variables I i and I o in figure 10.2 conforms with this convention.But back to Bodytalk, whose convention happened to be at the Metropole, next to Labour's conference hotel.convention centerThe city will assume responsibility for convention center permit issues when bonds are issued to finance expansion of the facility.Before forming the task force, Golding said the planned $ 213 million convention center expansion will not be included.The suffocating security blanket extends well beyond the convention center.The water quality board cited the port in 1995 for excessive contaminants in the convention center operation.Loans would be floated for construction of the convention center and the new county buildings.He also made a deal with the Port District that permitted construction of the convention center.The convention center is at 9800 International Drive, Orlando.The Boston cancellation was apparently ordered after the number of proposed exhibitors grew beyond the capacity of the two convention centers.social conventionsIt preaches the doctrine that individuals should be allowed to do anything they wish unfettered by social conventions.He completely disregarded strictly enforced social conventions and religious restrictions in order to contact the outcasts of society.It cares little for social conventions, either.Cooley presents a report of conversation with a former and a description of social conventions.How do you carve out your identity when your parents were so rebellious and so against the social conventions?He further demonstrates that what is being tested is often the social conventions of a dominant class, rather than universal logic.But for refugee children these social conventions seldom came into play.
From Longman Business Dictionaryconventioncon‧ven‧tion /kənˈvenʃən/ noun1[countable, uncountable] behaviour and attitudes that most people in a society believe to be normal and right2[countable] a formal agreement, especially between countries, about rules for an activity such as war or tradeThe Berne convention requires its signatories to respect copyrights for the life of the author plus 50 years.3[countable]COMMERCE a large meeting of people who belong to the same profession or organization, or work in the same industryBusiness was so bad that many dealers decided not to go to that year’s National Automobile Dealers Association convention.