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corneacor‧ne‧a /ˈkɔːniə $ ˈkɔːr-/ noun [countable]  HBthe transparent protective covering on the outer surface of your eyecorneal adjective
Examples from the Corpus
corneaNow, more than 100 banks across the country supply 40,000 corneas per year.a cornea transplantThe ring is virtually invisible around the central cornea which is the critical area for clear vision.Even human corneas do not work without effort.This change could have created a severe shortage of corneas and other tissues in California, said Ward.Instead, Mr Choyce implants a delicate lens between the lens of the eye and the cornea.Actual blindness occurs only after years and years, and is caused by infestation of the cornea - which eventually becomes opaque.A tendency to accumulate sticky mucus on the cornea removed by blinking.It had the immediate effect, he said, of cutting the volume of usable corneas in half.
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