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cortegecor‧tege /kɔːˈteɪʒ $ kɔːrˈteʒ/ noun [countable]  MXa line of people or cars that move along slowly in a funeral
Examples from the Corpus
cortegeThere was no service at his funeral: no pallbearers, no priests, no official mourners, no creeping cortege.On its way to the churchyard, the funeral cortege passed Gary Manning's favourite pub.The funeral cortege must have been ten blocks long, cruising across the city at a measured pace.He returned in a few minutes with a very wet and chastened Liam and the cortege was complete.He took off his cap as the cortege passed.As the cortege reached George Square in the heart of Glasgow, the crowd watched silently until some one broke into applause.Sportsmen, journalists, newspaper photographers and local political figures were among the many walking in the cortege.What struck me was the music in the funeral parade, the cortege, the boots backward in the stirrups.
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