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crematoriumcrem‧a‧to‧ri‧um /ˌkreməˈtɔːriəm $ ˌkriː-/ noun (plural crematoriums or crematoria /-riə/) (also crematory /ˈkremətəri $ ˈkriːmətɔːri/) American English [countable]  TBMXa building in which the bodies of dead people are burned at a funeral ceremony
Examples from the Corpus
crematoriumRead in studio A public inquiry's begun into plans to burn hospital waste at an animal crematorium.He said arranging flowers and cleaning vases was carried out by crematorium staff and was becoming very time consuming.He claims he found a clandestine crematorium where the army was burning the bodies of Mayan villagers killed during the conflict.They stood uncomfortably outside Margate crematorium while the coffin was carried in and the relations eased themselves sadly out of hired limos.The boys stayed away from yesterday's service at Oxford's crematorium.Frankovich said the jury had found the crematorium guilty of mishandling remains and fraudulently concealing their actions from the families.Also there is no legal obstruction to you taking the coffin to the crematorium in a station wagon.Everyone was ordered to the crematorium in October, but a bombing spared them.
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