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creolecre‧ole /ˈkriːəʊl $ -oʊl/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]SLL a language that is a combination of a European language with one or more other languagespidgin2 Creole3 [uncountable]DFF food prepared in the spicy strong-tasting style of the southern US shrimp creolecreole adjective
Examples from the Corpus
creoleThe island community Nichols studied traditionally spoke Gullah, a creole variety developed from the African/English pidgin of early slave plantations.The thatched restaurant offers a splendid selection of international and local creole dishes.Have you had the shrimp creole?Some typical vocabulary words of this creole are listed in table 7. 2.
CreoleCreole[countable] a) someone whose family were originally from both Europe and Africa b) someone whose family were originally French settlers in the southern US creole
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