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creosotecre‧o‧sote /ˈkriːəsəʊt $ -soʊt/ noun [uncountable]  DHa thick brown oily liquid used for preserving woodcreosote verb [transitive]
Examples from the Corpus
creosoteSome one had recently been along and applied creosote to all the timber, giving it a spick-and-span look.It smells like creosote, but I know it to be disaster.And it was then that he noticed for the first time that there was a strong smell of creosote in the air.The square of light was dim and small now, the air was warm and damp and smelled of creosote.Tearing out some sage, some creosote.Never, under any circumstances, use creosote.It tasted of petrol, mixed with creosote and hair oil.
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