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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcriterioncri‧te‧ri‧on /kraɪˈtɪəriən $ -ˈtɪr-/ ●●○ W2 AWL noun (plural criteria /-riə/) [countable usually plural]  JUDGEa standard that you use to judge something or make a decision about something the criteria we use to select candidatescriterion for the criteria for measuring how good schools are Academic ability is not the sole criterion for admission to the college. a universal set of criteria for diagnosing patientsmeet/satisfy/fulfil criteria To qualify for a grant, students must satisfy certain criteria.COLLOCATIONSverbsmeet/satisfy/fulfil the criteriaDoes your experience meet the criteria for the job?use criteriaWhat criteria do we use to decide whether one book is better than another?apply criteria (=use them)There are certain criteria you should apply when buying a computer.be based on criteriaNormal child development is based upon certain criteria.establish the criteria for somethingManagement establishes the criteria for each project.adjectivesthe main criterionYou need to decide on your main criteria before you buy a house.the sole criterion (=the only one)Examination results are still seen as the sole criterion of success in education.a strict criterion (=very exact)All the cars must meet strict criteria, and are tested by our mechanics.academic/political/environmental etc criteriaThe winning product must satisfy a range of environmental criteria.an objective criterion (=that is based on fact and not opinion)The label of 'carer' was defined by the objective criterion of someone who spends more than seven hours looking after someone.phrasesa set of criteriaDoctors use an established set of criteria for making a diagnosis.a list of criteriaThere’s a list of criteria that you must meet in order to pass your driving test.
Examples from the Corpus
criterionA criterion of reasonableness or rational basis is obviously a narrower standard of review.The merit of the project in relation to each criterion is assessed in terms of the five classes, ranging from very good to very poor.The main criterion for subdivision of the detrital rocks is grain size, given as the diameter of the grain in millimeters.This difference of criterion as to the character of the conflict was reflected in the way power was handled on each side.Their utilitarian contribution to our welfare should not, in other words, be our criterion as to whether they survive or not.The company's criterion for success is high sales.The criterion is the number of years before the pre-tax cash receipts from the project pay back the capital invested.Other researchers use less strict criteria and claim to find competence where Piagetians, using their criterion, do not.Both Nash reversion and Abreu's simple penal codes are subgame perfect equilibrium strategies and so satisfy this criterion of credibility.sole criterionBut many borrowers choose an appealing discount deal as the sole criterion when they take out a loan.A criterion of instant and obvious utility can not be the sole criterion for the inclusion of items in the school curriculum.Thus age should not be the sole criterion for withholding aggressive treatment of community-acquired pneumonia in older patients.Assertions that intention is the sole criterion of validity are few, suspect, and found only in post-classical texts.The sole criterion is the market price of the land.
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