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crucifixioncru‧ci‧fix‧ion /ˌkruːsəˈfɪkʃən/ noun  1 [countable, uncountable]MXKILL in past times, the act of killing someone by fastening them to a cross and leaving them to die2 the Crucifixion3 [countable] (also Crucifixion)RRC a picture or other object representing Christ on the cross
Examples from the Corpus
crucifixionParker wished more time, more, with the boy; this almost crucifixion, to feast his eyes.The current real rates of seven percent amount to economic crucifixion at this stage of the cycle.Throughout her journey, she is associated with images of crucifixion and martyrdom.This pray is set towards the end of his time with them on earth but before the crucifixion.For the community of disciples the crucifixion was not the end.He would show the Catholic that the Church is nothing without the Word spoken in the crucifixion.On the inside, be sure to find the fresco of the crucifixion on the front wall.All of the art is religious, most of it bloody with crucifixion and crosses of thorns.
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