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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishcuriocu‧ri‧o /ˈkjʊəriəʊ $ ˈkjʊrioʊ/ noun (plural curios) [countable]  VALUEa small object that is interesting because it is beautiful or rare
Examples from the Corpus
curioBut her enthusiasm was swiftly dampened by a visit to a curio shop, where she bought several overpriced souvenirs.The street is lined with shops selling souvenirs and curios.They are curios, but their use is alien to Old Worlder ears.The choice in shopping ranges from department stores to chic boutiques. curios to high fashion.Lighted curio cabinets with sliding doors range from $ 650 to $ 1,100.Along the west wall, macabre curios and warped ornaments throng the shelves.Already they had the air of curios or souvenirs - oddities from another age.
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