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decadedec‧ade /ˈdekeɪd, deˈkeɪd/ ●●● W1 AWL noun [countable]  TMCa period of 10 years
Examples from the Corpus
decadeI've been at the top in television for a decade, you see, Blanche.By the end of a decade, it requires artificial means of life support.In Gwinnett County, Ga., a boom that began more than a decade ago continues with no end in sight.But because of their longevity they are expected to go on damaging the ozone layer for decades.For decades, townspeople thought his childhood home was a three-story rowhouse near the market square, now a porcelain shop.The remaining web of streets was due for redevelopment - the standard solution to housing decay in the last couple of decades.The decade could hardly have ended on a more optimistic note.Such brilliant slickness kept our eyes trained on him for three decades.
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