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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdeportmentde‧port‧ment /dɪˈpɔːtmənt $ -ɔːr-/ noun [uncountable]  1 British EnglishHBH the way that someone stands and walks lessons in manners and deportment2 BEHAVE old-fashioned especially American English the way that someone behaves in public
Examples from the Corpus
deportmentThey made girls stand up for themselves and neatness, grooming and deportment were important.Prior to sharing her young mistress's lessons, she received instruction in deportment and etiquette.James was no model of deportment anywhere, least of all in his marital and other personal relations.Not only good for the deportment, this exercise frees the hands for programmes, literature and eating cooling icecream.If the deportment of the Koi is okay, next step is to ask the dealer to bowl the fish.The deportment department was one of the first things to go.Their different personalities are reflected in their deportment on court, Davenport's walk far more diffident than Williams's confident strut.I am here to work in a London drama academy, to teach - ah, yes - deportment.
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