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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdishonestydis‧hon‧est‧y /dɪsˈɒnəsti $ -ˈɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  DISHONESTbehaviour in which you deceive or cheat people opp honesty
Examples from the Corpus
dishonestyDishonesty and corruption will not be tolerated in this agency.Cronyism, bribery and dishonesty were also cited.The mental element is knowledge of the taking and dishonesty.Two problematical areas in modern-day criminal law are dishonesty and intention.Fraud was a legal concept, but dishonesty is largely a matter for the jury.Since there can be no dishonesty involved in stating the truth, the difficulties of proof are considerable.Are you accusing me of dishonesty?The report accuses both politicians of dishonesty and of misrepresenting the facts.The fact of deception does not perse prove dishonesty.
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