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do or die

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdo or diedo or dieDETERMINEDused to say that someone is determined to do something very brave or dangerous even if they die attempting it do
Examples from the Corpus
do or dieFrom now on it was do or die.No words, no threats, no waste of energy, just a grim determination to do or die.It was do or die for me.I learnt in the South Bronx and the way you're taught there is a do or die situation.
do-or-dieˌdo-or-ˈdie adjective [only before noun]  DETERMINEDvery determined a do-or-die attitude
Examples from the Corpus
do-or-dieThis do-or-die attitude clashes with the caution advocated by the naive inductivist.That do-or-die Davy Blooming Crockett spirit.I was very dismayed that I couldn't enjoy swapping ideas with Brian any more without things turning into a do-or-die debate.The airline spent $120 million in a do-or-die effort to save the company.Besides, his own party's do-or-die tendency will now be vigilant against any hint of gradualism.
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