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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdrencheddrenched /drentʃt/ adjective  1 WETcovered with a lot of a liquid Come on in – you’re drenched!drenched in/with I was drenched in sweat. chips drenched in vinegarrain-drenched/sweat-drenched etc He changed out of his rain-drenched clothes.see thesaurus at wet2 drenched in/with light
Examples from the Corpus
drenchedThe two and a half hour walk in the wind and rain left us drenched.Within seconds the car is drenched.We were getting drenched, and it made me smile.Their main danger is that their entire home will become drenched and waterlogged.And yet the place was drenched, as with water, so with a fearful smell of burning.On his return he haughtily threw off his drenched clothes.Steward needed three shots to escape his watery grave and had a drenched set of waterproofs to prove it.Everyone got completely drenched when a huge wave hit the boat.drenched in/withMusic and dance, at their beginning and throughout most of their history, were drenched with content.I was drenched in my own perspiration, my own odors.To the outsider pentecostalism seems to be drenched in paradoxes and contradictions.In the first piece these are drenched with red and black paint from the spray paint cans.Rachel screamed and woke up, drenched with sweat, shaking, staring into space.He was trembling and so drenched in sweat that his hair lay like streaks of black paint upon his forehead.The warehouse walls blended into each other like a painting drenched with turpentine.Positively drenched in white angels, swans and flowers, the cake is on a tall platform reached by mirrored stairs.
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