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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishdualismdu‧a‧lis‧m /ˈdjuːəlɪzəm $ ˈduː-/ noun [uncountable] technical  the idea that there are two opposite parts or principles in everything, for example body and soul, or the state of having two parts or principles
Examples from the Corpus
dualismSurrealism is an escape from dualism.It is a long road from dualism to monism.The transition from dualism to monism is painful.With hindsight the confidence with which the demise of dualism was predicted appears to have been premature.The second question which an opponent of dualism such as a functionalist must face, concerns the alleged privacy of the mental.This way of understanding reality or dualism is illustrated in Figure 2.The Soul and the Understanding represent these dualities psychologically, recreating within man the structural dualism of the cosmos.At best, he is summarising our human tendency to dualism.
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