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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishear-splittingˈear-ˌsplitting adjective  LOUD/NOISYvery loud There was an ear-splitting crack.see thesaurus at loud
Examples from the Corpus
ear-splittingA deafening purr, quite ear-splitting!The noise was ear-splitting as grenades landed all around us.The noise was ear-splitting as more shells landed in the orchard.Conversation was carried on against a background of ear-splitting barking.They climbed to the roofs of the terminals, broke windows and shutters and created an ear-splitting din.I waited for her to erupt as the ear-splitting entourage drew level.ear-splitting musicThere was an ear-splitting roar as the jets took off.Next we get the usual nonsense: wordless dialogue, optical semaphoring, gauche laughter, ear-splitting silence.
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