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earnerearn‧er /ˈɜːnə $ ˈɜːrnər/ noun [countable]  1 BEsomeone who earns money for the job that they dohigh/low/average earner Private childcare is still too expensive for the average earner. He is the only wage earner in the family.2 a business or activity which makes a profit the country’s biggest export earner3 a nice little earner
Examples from the Corpus
earnerThey have always offered special deals to attract students because they know that they are tomorrow's higher earners.They were contributors to a family wage rather than independent earners, but they were not members of a family unit of production.Breadwinner wives who are the couple's sole earners are a rarity, wives are typically joint but secondary earners.In this case, inaction is bad news for wage earners.Minimum wage earners, Kerry said, make about $ 8,500 in a year.A family whose wage earners are without medical coverage can lose everything when a child becomes seriously ill.high/low/average earnerFirstly, of course, because it only affects high earners, i.e. those earning more than £75,000 a year.For an average earner, that will be 16 years of collecting a monthly check worth about $ 4,247.Provide generous exemptions that help lower earners.In many instances, such arrangements would only be within the means of high earners.They have always offered special deals to attract students because they know that they are tomorrow's higher earners.But the highest earner in 1995 was the Eagles with $ 63 million, according to Pollstar.The highest earners have the most confidence in themselves, while those currently without a steady relationship are relatively lacking in confidence.Husbands are usually higher earners than their wives and their jobs or carers take precedence over those of women.
From Longman Business Dictionaryearnerearn‧er /ˈɜːnəˈɜːrnər/ noun [countable]JOB1someone who earns money by workingHe’s the highest earner in the company at the moment.It is hard when there is only onewage earner in the family.Private healthcare is too expensive for the average earner.2an investment or asset that earns moneyThe Suez Canal is one of Egypt’s main foreign exchange earners.3a nice (little) earner British English informal something that earns quite a lot of money for youThe shop could be quite a nice little earner.
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