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eastwardseast‧wards /ˈiːstwədz $ -wərdz/ (also eastward /-wəd $ -wərd/) adverb  SGtowards the east The ship continued sailing eastwards.eastward adjective We followed an eastward course up the river.
Examples from the Corpus
eastwardsShe mounted her bike and pedalled eastwards.The 12:42 ex Pwllheli arrives at Dovey Junction at 14:35 and there is no connection eastwards.The cramped dock area began to expand eastwards across the newly exposed terrain.After the necessary shunting the train returned eastwards around midday.My constituency, Wealden, includes the High Weald which extends beyond my constituency eastwards into Kent.Certainly, as he stared out eastwards, Ramsay could perceive no signs of alarm or even movement in town or beyond.From the Prince's headquarters a road ran eastwards through Nivelles to meet the Charleroi highway at an unnamed crossroads.
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