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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheffortlessef‧fort‧less /ˈefətləs $ ˈefərt-/ adjective  EASYsomething that is effortless is done in a very skilful way that makes it seem easy Alexei rose to his feet with a single effortless movement.effortlessly adverb He dived effortlessly into the turquoise water.
Examples from the Corpus
effortlessThe dialogue was character driven and effortless.Mark drew quickly and with confidence, in a way that looked completely effortless.The way she dances makes it seem so effortless.For registry staff to monitor effectively the accuracy and completeness of this operation requires detailed record-keeping and effortless access to data.Burton soared: he made it look effortless, and he put no one down in the process.How was it then that all these ordinary people seemed to manage it with effortless ease?She performed her dive with effortless grace.Other musicians were amazed by Parker's effortless improvisational skill.Garner's effortless performance makes the show a pleasure to watch.There are few writers currently at work who display such steely control of their material, such seemingly effortless range and variety.Many athletes, like Jacklin, distinguish ordinary concentration from this seemingly effortless state.
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