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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishegotisme‧go‧tis‧m /ˈiːɡətɪzəm, ˈeɡ-/ noun [uncountable]  CONFIDENTthe belief that you are much better or more important than other people
Examples from the Corpus
egotismThe bonds of brotherhood are treacherously betrayed by ungovernable selfishness and egotism.Between the two, liberalism continued its life, formed its many governments, and practised its bourgeois wisdom and egotism.He is conscious of his egotism and takes a fearful joy in it.It shows the extent of his egotism, and gives more evidence of his distorted values.The jahiliyya saw the unbridled reign of hawa, desire and individual egotism.But the positive value of this female-identified modesty remains outweighed by the disadvantages which a lack of egotism implies in psychology.It can also - though by no means always - result in a similar egotism and aggression.
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