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eroticisme‧rot‧i‧cis‧m /ɪˈrɒtɪsɪzəm $ ɪˈrɑː-/ noun [uncountable]  ASEXYa style or quality that expresses strong feelings of sexual love and desire, especially in works of art the eroticism of his early love poems
Examples from the Corpus
eroticismA rare combination of horror, tongue-in-cheek humor and actual eroticism. 1976.In the Romantic tradition a preoccupation with suicide and death is merely a further move on a continuum of sensuality and eroticism.The film explores alternative sexuality with coy eroticism and a brazen wit, but without resorting to degrading stereotypes.the lush eroticism of the Kama SutraI asked myself how it was that no exhibition had ever shown any trace of eroticism in his work.Often, in pornographic eroticism, there is no real love-making between people.But the Master-Slave dialectic seems to capture the relation between people in pornographic eroticism.Working alongside such eroticism made them feel awkward.Fat women may not feel confident about exposing their bodies in those ways traditionally associated with eroticism.
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