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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishescapadees‧ca‧pade /ˈeskəpeɪd/ noun [countable]  1 EXPERIENCEan adventure or series of events that are exciting or contain some risk their dangerous escapades in the Great War2 American English a sexual relationship that is exciting or risky, but that is not considered serious
Examples from the Corpus
escapadeA more ambitious escapade took Johnny Blunt and a friend on a hitchhike from London to Glasgow.It suddenly occurred to her that total disregard of her escapade was a very subtle punishment indeed.Thereafter, Bourke enjoyed the notoriety of his escapades and even wrote a book about them.There is an inevitable escapade in Paris, followed by dithering, separation and reunion.Do you think I should tell her about her husband's little escapades?In her most outlandish escapade, she faked her own death.She wished she hadn't; vivid fragments of the previous evening's escapade sprang only too easily to mind.And we have ways of making sure that the escapade of that silly young man at Southend gets widely reported.
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