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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishextraneousex‧tra‧ne‧ous /ɪkˈstreɪniəs/ adjective formal  1 CONNECTED WITH#not belonging to or directly related to a particular subject or problem syn irrelevantextraneous to Such details are extraneous to the matter in hand.2 OUT/OUTSIDEcoming from outside extraneous noises
Examples from the Corpus
extraneousJudges already have substantial latitude to limit extraneous arguments that might mislead jurors; they could use it more often.Her report contains too many extraneous details.He knows a plethora of extraneous facts about the arctic and the tropics.It did not want to undermine trust or uncover extraneous information that might damage agents' careers.There is no extraneous information to interfere with the layout.Great care must be taken to ensure that solutions are clean and free of extraneous matter.extraneous military forcesFunding will depend on the sale of extraneous plots for other developments, not an easy matter in the current climate.Essentially, the classic experimental design involves controlling all factors extraneous to the hypothesis of interest in order that this can be tested.
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