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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfair-mindedˌfair-ˈminded / $ ˈ. ˌ../ adjective  FAIRable to understand and judge situations fairly and always considering other people’s opinions He’s a fair-minded man – I’m sure he’ll listen to what you have to say.
Examples from the Corpus
fair-mindedHe is a fair-minded bloke on occasions - at least he has been to me.He must be a fair-minded fellow.I think he's been fair-minded in all his dealings with us.I know that the Minister is a fair-minded man and I fear very much for his future.The Minister is a fair-minded man, so he is bound to accept that there are genuine worries.The Chairman is a fair-minded man, so will listen to any criticism of his proposals.The Count was clearly a fair-minded man.The roots of the problem are evident to any fair-minded person.He is held to be efficient, fair-minded, scrupulously honest, and is well-liked by his colleagues.But nowhere will be found a more sporting, fair-minded spectator.
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