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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfallbackfall‧back /ˈfɔːlbæk $ ˈfɒːl-/ noun [countable]  SAVE something TO USE LATERsomething that can be used or done if a supply, method etc fails syn backup It’s wise to have an extra video player as a fallback. Do you have a fallback option? fall back on somebody/something at fall1
Examples from the Corpus
fallbackDo you have an alternative plan to use as a fallback?That will provide a fallback for the unfortunate citizens of Lancashire, who have a very extravagant Labour council.Even the final fallback position, Micawberism over the economy, seems doubtful.I had organised two more fallback packages that would come in handy now.If you go bankrupt my earnings will be our only fallback.So prepare yourself well, with fallback and contingency plans, if your first offer is rejected.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfallbackfall‧back /ˈfɔːlbækˈfɒːl-/ noun [countable]1another word for FALL2fallback inThe March consumer price index is also expected to benefit from a fallback in clothing prices.2something that can be done if the original plan does not succeed, or that can be used if the thing that you want is not availableNobody admits to having a fallback position in case European monetary union does not work out.Fallbacks are essential to ensure you are not putting your home at risk if your saving plans go wrong.
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